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[Costume designer Michael Kaplan] had some “trepidation” about doing [Star Trek 2009], but had agreed to meet the director at a coffee shop in Maine, where Abrams was vacationing. “I told J.J. I had only seen the TV series as a child and wasn’t familiar with the movies. I knew how fervent the fans were, that it was a huge responsibility, and felt I would do them a disservice. He said, ‘Perfect! That’s what I’m looking for!’”
Actual words that came out of J.J. Abrams’ mouth, courtesy of an excerpt from Star Trek: The Art of the Film (via spoookybones)

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Garak’s Shop/ The Most Popular Dress in the Galaxy:

DS9 “Rivals” (2x11) , DS9 “The Muse” (4x21)

DS9 “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges” (7x16), DS9 “In the Cards” (5x25)

Star Trek: Generations , Star Trek: Nemesis

VOY “Drive” (7x03) , ENT “Terra Prime” (4x21)


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