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Actually studies consistently show that not only do black people use drugs less than white people, but a much higher percentage of white drug users are using very serious drugs (cocaine, heroin, etc) as opposed to just weed (which we really only give a shit about in the first place because of racism: )

As someone who is in grad school to be a therapist/substance abuse counselor, I know a little bit about drug laws and OMG they are racist. Alcohol prohibition was motivated by the fact that German immigrants were opening pubs (which were family friendly, unlike saloons). Before the German-Americans started opening these establishments, the Temperance movement was what it sounds like (i.e. pro-moderation and anti hard liquor, but not anti beer or wine).
Opium and heroin laws came about as an excuse to arrest Chinese immigrants (who built our entire fucking railway system). Marijuana prohibition was an excuse to arrest Mexican immigrants.
Crack possession is punished at a MUCH higher rate than cocaine, which disproportionately affects African-Americans (not that white people don’t use crack, they are just less likely to get arrested and more likely to be mandated to treatment). Until recently, one gram of crack was treated as the same as 100 grams of cocaine in the eyes of the law (the 100/1 ratio). The Obama administration changed it but it is still like 18/1.

Tl; dr, drug laws are racist and classist, and the more I study substance abuse treatment the more it makes sense to decriminalize drug use/simple possession and increase treatment opportunities (including harm reduction methods that make people squeamish, like methadone/suboxone and needle exchanges).

(Source: sandandglass)

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